Q: What does it cost to stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

Costs vary widely, but there are Bed and Breakfast Inns to fit a range of budgets. Rates are influenced by factors such as the bed & breakfast's location, the type of guest room selected, and the complimentary amenities included in the room rates. Most B&Bs have differing midweek (usually less expensive) and weekend rates. One must consider a stay at a B&B is much more than than a room with a bed and good breakfast. Staying at a B&B is an integral part of the entire travel adventure. The personality, personal service, remarkable food offerings, free amenities, and social aspects elevates bed & breakfast lodging to a significant role in the vacation experience. B&Bs do not "nickel and dime" their guests, more generally combining everything into one price. Value-added packages and specials often pair the B&B experience with add-ons like in-room goodie baskets, admissions to local activities, discounts at area restaurants, or tours of nearby landmarks. While often more expensive than nearby hotels, the Bed and Breakfast experience, with all of its extras, is worth the price.