Courtyard Garden Makeover

The freezing temperatures this winter killed many of the plants in our gardens. Our gardener, Nature Bird, rolled up her sleeves, dug in with her shovel, and revitalized our Courtyard.

Nature ripped out the tired boxwood bushes that framed the walkway to the Cottage. She transplanted the tropical bulb plants that had been burned by the freezes. She then relined the walkway with twice-blooming azaleas, fox gloves, impatiens, and other blooming perennials. Pots filled with dead and withered plants were emptied and refilled with pink and white impatiens.

Guests oohed and aahed over the transformation. Fueled by this positive reinforcement Nature turned her attention to the Fish Pond. Ferns and other tropical greenery were thinned and brown and dead plants were tossed out. She lugged pieces of coquina here and there, rearranging the front of the pond. She added fresh new pots and lots of color to the area. Even our pond fish were impressed – and they do not impress easily!

Fabulous job, Nature!