New “Baby” at the Inn! (No, Not Kelly’s Baby – Not Yet!)

We are celebrating the newest addition to the St. Francis Inn: our Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine.  Completely made in Italy our new espresso machine is faster and better than anything we’ve had before. What started out as a simple idea – “Hey, why don’t we make specialty coffees for our guests in the morning?!” – has become one of our guests’ favorite free amenities.  And sometimes we had a difficult time keeping up with demand!  That will not be a problem with our new Synchro!  It can produce espresso almost 3 times faster than our old machine!  Nancy Guarnieri offered to demonstrate how she makes this month’s Flavor-of-the-Month Pumpkin Spice Latte.


1. Nancy has placed a pre-warmed St. Francis Inn mug (notice the mug warmer on top of the espresso machine!) under the espresso spout.  She has inserted a double-shot pod of espresso into the portafilter.  2.She loves that it is hands-free at that point and will stop itself!



3. A perfect cup of espresso!
4. Using the frothing jug and some
secrets learned in making the perfect froth (no, we are NOT telling) Nancy prepares a perfect creamy froth for the cappuccino.


5. Nancy pours the steamed milk and froth into the espresso.  She’s already added the pumpkin spice syrup (Torani, of course!).  A few sprinkles on top:

6. a PUMPKIN SPICE CAPPUCCINO a la St. Francis Inn

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    Deliciosa! (that's my high school Spanish but we'll pretend it's Italian!)