St Francis Inn’s Famous Feline Zeke

Zeke came to us many years ago.  He had been evicted from his home on St. George Street for violating the rule about wetting the bed.  Homeless, rejected, and sad he sat on the deck of Margaret’s Room and wondered what would happen to him.  Lucky for Zeke, Bob and Lynn Volin were staying in Margaret’s Room.  Both are cat lovers and immediately fell in love with the beautiful gray cat.  They doted on him all week – feeding him treats and brushing him and playing with him – and only left him at the Inn because they didn’t think their own cats at home would agree to yet another feline in the house.  Their loss was the Inn’s gain!

Zeke made himself at home, claiming all St Francis Inn property as his!  And every year Bob and Lynn Volin come back to the Inn and visit with Zeke, spoiling him rotten.

During their most recent visit Bob agreed to send us some of his favorite pictures of Zeke; enjoy!

Zeke and Frankie – Frankie lived at the Inn for a couple of years and the two male cats tolerated each other.  One of our neighbors liked Frankie so much he let him in his cottage all the time and fed him.  When the neighbor moved, he took Frankie with him.  Zeke threw a small party of celebration.  🙂

Bob labelled this photo “Zeke hungover”!  Could be!  Will be a good photo to use when we have our next Caption Zeke Contest.

Zeke…being Zeke.