Winners Announced in “Caption Zeke Contest” for the St Francis Inn!

During the month of May we ran a contest on our facebook page (if you haven’t LIKED us on facebook, will you now? ).  We were flooded with entries!  We had so much fun going through all your comments, captions, and pictures!  We will definitely have to do this again.

Originally Joe was going to award 2 Prizes of $50 St Francis Inn Gift Certificates, but he was so impressed with the volume and quality of the entries, he decided to give away 5 Prizes of $50 St Francis Inn Gift Certificates!  Congratulations to all the winners and THANKS TO EVERYONE who participated!

So…drum roll…………………(click on the pictures to enlarge and/or download)………………….

Cassandra Poertner
“Zeke Auditions for the Walking Dead”
We think Zeke makes an awesome zombie! And we are big time zombie fans!


Dawn Lavallee-Distler

“I’m Too Sexy”

We giggle every time we read this one and see Zeke with a top hat and cane!  Then we get the song stuck in our heads!  Max loves the catwalk pun…


Kevin the Tour Guide (Segways)

“The Most Interesting Cat in the World”

Kudos to Kevin for getting Zeke to pose with a Segway.  Another timely and funny caption.


Kevin the Tour Guide (Segways)

“Help me, I have fallen…”

Kevin captures Zeke’s personality perfectly in this caption.  


Art Tweedie
“I Did Not Drool on the Tablecloth”  
O Yes! So many of us can relate to Zeke with this!

Terry McGarry
“My buddy and me…since 2003”
We all just love this photo!!!
Cassandra Poertner
“Puss in Boots”
Another entry from our 1st Place winner, this entry has the historic Spanish flavor we love!
Jenny Horodysky Harker

“I do my people-watching from the garden posing like a statue.”

We just loved this caption; totally captures the expression on Zeke’s face!

Dawn Lavalee-Distler

Our 2nd-Place Winner also entered this and managed to tie Zeke and Lily together!