Zeke Returns to Breakfast!

Guests have noticed over the past few weeks that Zeke is keeping to himself over in the parking lot.  Except at mealtimes, of course, but then he would rush (ha!) right back to the parking lot.  Why?  Hm…could it be the attention given to the newest member of our St. Francis Inn family has got his noise a bit out of joint?

Well, guess who jumped up on a table in the courtyard this morning and stayed for awhile?  Sweet Zeke!!  Guess he’s getting over himself.

And…speaking of our newest member Bootsie…our recent guest, Mary Jane Toro, who stayed with us the week after Christmas…took a darling picture of Bootsie.  Then she had it framed and sent it to us!  We are displaying it proudly on our fireplace mantle in the lobby.

Zeke gets ready to take a quick morning nap.

Zeke glares at the photographer!

Mary Jane Toro took this great picture of Bootsie.