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Autumn a Great Time to Take an Eco-Tour!

From our friends at St. Augustine Eco-Tours :

Autumn a Great Time to Take an Eco-Tour! 3 275 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast

Welcome back to school season, and a slight reprieve of steamy southern weather as the first day of autumn brought bluster and a cooler clime! St. Johns County and the surrounding area offers plenty of outdoor spaces, coastal and inland, to bike, hike, kayak, surf, and otherwise explore. We’ve been traversing the waterways by boat with guests and Flagler college students this month. We’ve taken note of the bald eagles return earlier than normal in the beginning of August, and have recently spotted black-bellied plovers snacking in the oyster beds. These bird species have winter and summer homes for the purpose of abundant food supply and safe breeding grounds. Birds may migrate north during spring months to reproduce and seek more plentiful insect populations to feed their young. They may return further south for fall and winter months due to a decrease in northern food supplies, though physically they can survive in cold weather. Many other factors like genetics and competition influence a species opportune odds of survival, but the quest for energy (food) and secure breeding grounds prevail.

Migratory bird patterns are evident along the coast, or wherever you call home. Raptors and insectivores, like swifts and swallows, fly during the day; most songbirds migrate at night. Keep an eye out for flying friends overhead, as it’s certain they’re on a mission. We hope that your missions are panning out well, and that you’ll keep us in mind for your eco-adventure appetite whenever in the St. Augustine area! Enjoy the ever-changing signs of the seasons, and try to be mindful what our impact as humans produces. Check out this interactive carbon map to learn more.

Do some good,

Kaleigh, Jodi,  & Jen
Office Staff & Kayak Guides


The St. Francis Inn offers a couple of Eco-Packages featuring tours with St. Augustine Eco-Tours.  Click here for more information!

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