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The Legend of KT

The Legend of KT 3 220985 10150255884421119 45330601118 9597933 541692 o St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast ** We’d like to introduce everyone to KT. KT, everyone. Everyone, KT.

Last fall our Inn Manager, Kelly Brooks, rushed into the Inn saying, “There’s a turtle in the fish pond!” We all hurried outside to see this – we’ve never had a turtle in the pond as long as any of us can remember! But…nothing. Just fish. Kelly insisted the turtle had been sitting on a rock and must have gotten scared and jumped in the water.
This happened over and over and over…October into November into December. Kelly would see her phantom turtle, rush into the Inn, and drag a potential witness out to the fish pond to see her turtle. And the turtle was never there.
Now is a good time to mention that Kelly was VERY pregnant at the time and we all began thinking this was some kind of pregnancy psychosis.
January rolls around, Kelly has her wonderful baby son Kayden, she’s out on maternity leave.
One cold day in late January Max sees something … different … in the fish pond. It’s a turtle! Max rushes into the Inn and drags out the first person she finds: “Look! It’s Kelly’s turtle! He’s real!” They gazed in amazement at the newest St. Francis Inn family member. And the next email Max sent was to Kelly at home telling her we all apologized and now believed she wasn’t seeing things and that her turtle was real.
As the days have warmed KT (Kelly’s Turtle) has been spending more and more time sunning himself on the flat rocks surrounding the fountain in the fish pond. He seems to be less shy, but still will jump in the water if we startle him.
Next time you visit take a look in the fish pond; maybe KT will say Hi!
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