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Constantly Working – Constantly Improving

Back in the spring we did a major renovation on our Elizabeth Suite.  We had the ceiling pulled down and completely replaced.  We also had the Elizabeth Suite bathroom completely re-caulked and painted, along with installing a new ceiling fan.  While we were at it we painted the outside of the Inn – and worked on the south wall while the Elizabeth Suite renovation was taking place.

All of this work was performed in just 4 days in May and with a minimum of noise and disruption to our other guests.  Many of the guests enjoyed peeking in the room to see the progress and watching Mike and Joe the Painter outside on the scaffolding!

We’ve posted several pictures on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/StFrancisInn ) so, if you haven’t visited us there and “Liked” us, do so today – enjoy the pictures!  We’re posting a few here for your enjoyment:

Constantly Working - Constantly Improving 7 IMG 2801 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast
Elizabeth Suite after the  renovation.

Constantly Working - Constantly Improving 8 IMG 2797 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast
The new ceiling.

Constantly Working - Constantly Improving 9 110 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast
Painters work inside while Mike repairs and paints outside.

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