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"Home Improvement" B&B Style 9 treetrim2 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast

Last week we had several trees trimmed around our parking lot.  In addition, our neighbor’s tree had died and several branches were hanging over the parking lot and it was scheduled to be cut down.  Heather (our youngest innkeeper and therefore the most energetic!) was assigned MISSION IMPOSSIBLE:  getting guests’ cars moved to the Oldest House parking lot before the tree guys arrived…and with the least amount of trouble to our guests!  (And a shout out to our friends at the Oldest House for donating several parking spaces that day!!!) All of our guests cheerfully helped us out by moving their cars by the deadline.  It was a weird sight to see an empty parking lot!

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The dead tree’s branches were all removed – the largest logs will be hauled off by the tree service soon.  They have now been stacked out of the way.  Everything that could go into the chipper and turned into mulch was then piled into a corner of our lot, so our gardener could use for mulch all throughout the gardens here.

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As most of you can imagine it takes a lot of upkeep to keep the Inn and adjacent properties up and running!  Last month we rebuilt the large balcony that overhangs our courtyard.  You won’t see anything new – but the entire floor was ripped off, subflooring was replaced, then the new planks for the floor of the balcony were installed.  Other reinforcements were tested, replaced as necessary, and repainted with the entire balcony.   This process involved 2 days of scaffolding, sawing, and hammering, and left us with a new, improved balcony that looks just like the old one!  We wish we had pictures of the construction, but the few pictures we took were deleted accidentally.

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