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The 3rd Day of Christmas Desserts:3 French Hens

The 3rd Day of Christmas Desserts:3 French Hens 3 IMAG1182 St. Francis Inn St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast

French Macaroons

Vanilla Macaroons                                                  Chocolate Macaroons
¾ cup ground almonds                                          ¾ cup ground almonds                 
1 cup powdered sugar                                            1 cup powdered sugar
2 extra large egg whites                                          2 tablespoons cocoa powder
¼ cup super fine sugar                                           2 extra large egg whites
½ tsp vanilla                                                             ¼ cup super fine sugar
1 – Place the ground almonds, powdered sugar (and cocoa for chocolate macaroons) in a food processor, process for 15 seconds.  Sift the mixture into a bowl.
2 – Place the egg whites in a large bowl and whip until holding soft peaks.  Gradually beat in the superfine sugar (and vanilla for vanilla macaroons) to make a firm, glossy meringue.
3 – Using a spatula, fold the almond mixture into the meringue one-third at a time until the mixture forms a shiny batter with a thick, ribbon-like consistency.
4- Pour the mixture into a pastry bag and pipe 32 – 1 ½ inch circles onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.   Tap the baking sheet on the work surface to remove air bubbles.  Let cookies sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.
5 – Preheat oven to 325 – Bake for 10-15 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes, then CAREFULLY peel cookies off of the parchment paper and let cool completely.
6 – Fill with chocolate or butter cream frosting.

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